July 24, 2024

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Notepad Narratives: Microsoft’s Beloved Tool Turns 40, Adds Spellcheck and Autocorrect

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Microsoft's Notepad adds spellcheck and autocorrect features 40 years after its debut, marking a significant step in the evolution of this classic tool.


Taking a giant step 40 years after its first release, Microsoft’s Notepad is evolving. If you’ve been a user of this long-standing staple of Microsoft’s software suite, you’re familiar with its simplicity. This basic text editor has stood the test of time, and, in an exciting new update, it is now equipped with features centred around enhancing user experience – spellcheck and autocorrect.

As per reports from The Verge, the tech giant has decided to bring the classic tool to the 21st century. The minimalistic Notepad, widely used for its raw and unformatted textual capabilities, has now embraced features that users, especially content creators and editors, have longed for.


The new spellcheck feature is intuitive and insightful, providing suggestions as you type. This will undoubtedly aid in avoiding the age-old problem of typo-ridden documents, a prevalent issue in Notepad due to its previous lack of autocorrect.

The addition of autocorrect takes user convenience to another level. Now, users can maintain their flow of work without pausing to correct spelling mistakes manually. This also makes Notepad a more competent tool for quick note-taking or coding efforts.

Moreover, alongside these new features, Notepad is also expected to receive a new icon as part of the Sun Valley update, emphasizing the fresh air being breathed into this time-honoured application.


The launch of spellcheck and autocorrect in Microsoft’s Notepad is a significant milestone. After 40 years of its launch, these features bring the simplicity of Notepad into a new era, making it an even more robust and handy tool for creating and editing text files. Isn’t it intriguing how a four-decade-old tool continues to adapt and evolve?

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