June 22, 2024

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Back to Basics: In-Depth Review of 2024’s Chart Topper- Selaco- The Best Retro FPS Yet!

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An in-depth review of 2024's best retro FPS, Selaco, an impressive blend of old-school FPS mechanics and modern design. Experience nostalgia and innovation coalesce.


In an era where graphics have teetered past reality and into the surreal, Selaco emerges as 2024’s wonderful paradox – a high-octane, visually appealing Retro First-Person Shooter (FPS), taking players back to the golden age of gaming, restoring nostalgia whilst rejuvenating the player’s experience.

The developers at Bulkhead Interactive have succeeded in meticulously crafting a riveting blend of old school FPS mechanics and modern game design. The result? A fast-speed, intricate shooter that will leave you gripped at your controller, eyes glued to your screen.

Inspired by the adrenaline-charged FPS pioneers, Doom and Quake, Selaco has plenty to offer with its expansive levels, diverse enemy types, and a multitude of incredibly powerful weapons. The game’s challenging AI opponents, reactive environments, and heart-pounding soundtrack contribute to its status as one of the most engaging games of 2024.


The triumph of Selaco underlines the timeless allure of classic gaming elements expertly meshed with present-day designs. It demonstrates how high-impact graphics and open-world narratives are not the sole ingredients for a successful video game – a firm grasp on gameplay’s core essence can go a long way. In a market saturated with ultra-realistic scenarios, Selaco proves that sometimes it is indeed good to be a rebel; straying from the familiar can lead you to uncharted territories of success.

Ask yourself, is the next gaming revolution being birthed in the womb of retro resurgence? Only time will tell.

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