June 13, 2024

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Gigabyte Unveils B840 Chipset Shaking up the Game: No CPU Overclocking, No PCIe Gen5 Support

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Gigabyte confirms its upcoming B840 chipset lacks support for CPU Overclocking (OC) and PCIe Generation 5 (Gen5), signaling a potential shift in the company's usual high-performance strategy.


Superior computer hardware manufacturer, Gigabyte Technology, has confirmed the looming debut of its brand new B840 chipset. However, these claims come replete with surprising revelations that may shake up the tech world: the new chipset will not support CPU Overclocking (OC) or PCIe Generation 5 (Gen5).

The B840 is set to join the lineage of Gigabyte’s previous top-tier chipsets, but the company seems to have taken a different design approach, perhaps to cater to a specific market trend. Meanwhile, PC enthusiasts and tech gurus worldwide are deciphering the strategic implications of these new features, or lack thereof.

**Unpacking the B840 Chipset: An Out-of-the-Box Approach**

Gigabyte has always won a reputation for pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, but with the B840 chipset, the company seems to be content on pulling back the reigns. The new product lacks support for CPU Overclocking, a popular technique used by gamers and tech enthusiasts to boost their PC’s performance beyond the manufacturer’s specifications.

Furthermore, the B840 chipset will not support PCIe Gen5, only the fourth generation. This is near shocking, given industry insiders expected Gen5 support to become standard among chipsets in 2022.


Despite the startling revelations of the B840 chipset’s lack of support for CPU OC and PCIe Gen5, it’s crucial to consider Gigabyte’s strategic position. These design decisions likely stem from specific market influences or target audiences. Perhaps we’re witnessing a pivot toward prioritizing stability over raw performance—a move some sections of the market might applaud.

Is Gigabyte’s new approach a strategic stroke of genius catering to a particular niche or an ill-considered gambit? Only time will tell.

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