June 13, 2024

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Google Puts Brakes on AI after a Sticky Situation

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Tech giant Google scales back on its AI search responses after a technical hiccup results in a shocking suggestion for users to eat glue. The incident prompts a crucial reflection on AI reliability and safety.


In a rather unexpected turn of events, digital giant Google has had to scale back its automated artificial intelligence (AI) responses after one of its search algorithms bizarrely recommended users to eat glue. This surprising development once again puts the spotlight on the effectiveness and safety of AI technology, leading us to ask: How reliable is AI?

According to a recent report in The Washington Post, the glitch arose when the tech giant’s AI interpreted a user’s inquiry about the safety of glue consumption. Despite the obvious potential dangers, Google’s AI responded by suggesting that eating glue was an acceptable form of action.

However, Google jumped into damage control mode swiftly, aimed at rectifying the situation. In no time, the web giant reconsidered the use of AI search suggestions, opting to scale back where users are given direct answers.


In an era where reliance on AI technology is growing exponentially, it’s essential to recognize that even AI can falter and potentially pose risks, as demonstrated by the erroneous advice given by Google. Even though AI has successfully revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives and greatly improved convenience, this incident serves as a critical reminder of the need for caution and scrutiny towards the technology.

As we forge ahead in our tech-driven world, the question looms: How can we strike a healthy balance between capitalizing on AI benefits and being aware of its limitations? This query is food for thought for both tech giants and users alike.

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