June 22, 2024

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Grab Your Beat! Google’s Pixel Buds Pro Now Just $130

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Google brings a delightful deal for the Aussies. Google's Pixel Buds Pro is on a price slash down to $130 on Yahoo Finance Australia, a significant bargain for the top-rated, high-performing earbuds.


Music enthusiasts, technology aficionados, and Australian shoppers who cherish a great deal – this is your lucky day! Your favourite tech giant, Google, has officially slashed the price of its critically acclaimed Pixel Buds Pro, making them available for an irresistible $130 on Yahoo Finance Australia.

The Pixel Buds Pro, released back in October 2020, has been a rave in the tech-world ever since thanks to its praised sound quality, comfortable fit, and a nifty set of features that beautifully blend functionality and finesse.

The sleek earbuds, now presented at a significantly reduced cost, offer top-tier sound experience powered by Google’s custom-designed 12mm dynamic speaker drivers. They ensure your music sounds more powerful and detailed, regardless of what you’re listening to. Additionally, Adaptive Sound technology adjusts the volume as you move between quiet and noisy environments – so you don’t skip a beat in your favourite tune.

Pixel Buds Pro have pushed the boundaries of innovation by offering real-time translation in more than 40 languages, not to mention wireless charging and a classy design that complements its functionality.


Google’s Pixel Buds Pro provides a remarkable choice of in-ear entertainment and practicality, demonstrating the company’s commitment to good design and unparalleled user experience. The momentary price drop to $130 on Yahoo Finance Australia is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in high-quality tech at a more accessible price point. With hundreds of great reviews pouring in every day, is now the time to switch your everyday earbuds to Google’s Pixel Buds Pro?

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