June 22, 2024

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Power Up by Powering Down: The NSA’s Advice on Regularly Restarting Your Smartphone

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Learn about the cybersecurity advice propagated by the National Security Agency (NSA), involving the simple yet effective act of regularly restarting your smartphone. A minor disruption can offer significant protection against evolving digital threats.


The National Security Agency (NSA) has made an unexpected entry into the world of cybersecurity advice. Their suggestion for better digital health? Restart your smartphone periodically. For some, manually turning off and on their mobile device may seem like an unnecessary nuisance, yet the NSA stands firm on its recommendation.

The Logic Behind the Advice:

The reason behind this seemingly simple recommendation is strikingly practical. Restarting your smartphone serves as a precautionary method to disrupt malware and safeguard against potential security threats. A brief period of rest clears temporary data, halting ongoing activities and aiding in the detection of peculiar behaviour; basically, it helps spot any unexpected intruders.

Cyber breaches are often designed to persist, thrive, and function while the device is active and connected. Restarting your smartphone effectively breaks this continuous stream, hindering the progression of potential threats and malicious activities.

How Often Should You Restart?

What exactly does ‘periodically’ mean in this context? Though the NSA does not provide a specific timeline, industry standards suggest restarting your device once a week. This helps maintain your digital wellness while not causing major interruptions to your daily life.


Undoubtedly, periodically restarting your smartphone is a tactical yet simple strategy to bolster cybersecurity. Though it may seem inconvenient, this minor step can offer substantial protection against subtle but potentially dangerous cyber threats. Thus, as the NSA suggests, make it a habit to power down in order to power up your defence against modern digital threats. In today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape, is the brief interruption of a manual restart too much to ask for broader protection?

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