June 22, 2024

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Pokémon’s Web Foothold Expands: Australia and New Zealand Enter the Digital Alola Region

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Pokémon fans down under can now get excited as the online Pokémon Center soft launches in Australia and New Zealand. While the 34-inch Lapras plush is yet to make its appearance, an array of other Pokémon merch is available, giving fans easier access to their favorite items.


Exciting news for Pokémon fans in Australia and New Zealand – the much-anticipated online Pokémon Center has finally launched in both countries. While the grand opening of the eCommerce site is still forthcoming, avid fans can now access a broad selection of Pokémon merchandise. Sadly, the site has yet to offer one of its most sought-after items, the plush 34-inch Lapras, but there’s an extensive array of other products to whet your Pokémon appetite.

However, you can rest assured that Pokémon is working hard to stock fan favorites, including the large Lapras plushie that has made waves in the world of Pokémon merch due to its size and cute aesthetics. And while the roll-out may seem slow to start, it’s an exciting opportunity for Pokémon enthusiasts to get their hands on official merchandise without the additional shipping costs previously linked to international purchasing.


With the soft launch of the Pokémon Center online in Australia and New Zealand, fans in these regions now have easier and more cost-efficient access to their beloved merchandise. It opens up a new page for the Pokémon company in their international e-commerce expansion, and this could likely be a stepping-stone for future regional launches.

Still, one can’t ignore the notable absence of the 34 inch Lapras plush – an item that has become a must-have for die-hard fans. Here’s to hoping that, in time, this beloved item will become available down under. Until then, Pokémon fans have a good deal of browsing to do.

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