June 22, 2024

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“Storm Rises on PC Gaming Horizon as Until Dawn, God of War Ragnarok Demand PSN Logins”

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"PC gamers are perplexed and disappointed as popular titles, 'Until Dawn' and 'God of War Ragnarok', look set to require PSN logins - a shake, rattle, and stir in the gaming community first spotlighted by Push Square. Explore the implications of this development in our latest blog post."


Hot on the heels of the PSN Login debacle, PC gamers find themselves caught in another whirlwind of disappointment and frustration. The latest cause for uproar? The revealing information that two all-time favorites, Until Dawn and God of War Ragnarok, apparently now require PSN Logins to access.

No sooner had the news hit the wire than the gaming fraternity turned the comments section of popular gaming forum, ‘Push Square’, into a battleground of heated debates and expression of disappointment over this new development. PC gamers who had been anticipating these popular titles, are now stymied by the unanticipated requirement of PSN logins.

Digging deeper:

This development begs the question: in an era where gameplay accessibility and inclusivity seem to form the cornerstone of many a gaming company’s policy, why this sudden curveball? And what are the implications for not only PC gamers but for the gaming community at large?

In an already polarized gaming landscape where game studios’ decisions can foster divisiveness, this move may exacerbate tensions. The requirement of PSN logins, traditionally exclusive to PlayStation, would effectively shut out a significant portion of non-PS players.


Taking a broader perspective, this situation serves as yet another example of the constantly evolving and occasionally volatile gaming landscape. It’s crucial for developers to align their strategies with their player base’s expectations to maintain satisfaction levels. As to whether this move signifies a broader shift in game access policies, only time will tell. Meanwhile, the ball now lies in the court of the PC gamers: Will they circumnavigate this new barrier or choose other gaming terrains to explore?

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What are your thoughts on this PSN login requirement? Are you among the frustrated PC players, or do you view this as a potential opportunity for PlayStation Network to widen its reach? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with fellow gamers. Stay tuned for further updates in this developing story.

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