June 13, 2024

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“Goblins March On: Celebrating Diablo’s Anniversary in Style!”

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Join the celebration of Diablo's 25th Anniversary with the exciting March of the Goblins event! Embark on an immersive adventure and share your heroics using #GoblinsMarchOn.


Twenty-five years ago, Diablo redefined the landscape of gaming. Now, Blizzard invites you to celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with an unprecedented event — March of the Goblins. This annual celebration promises irresistible adventure, achieving a new level of immersive engagement with the gaming community.

The March of the Goblins event offers a unique perspective on the rich lore and history of Diablo. It’s time to rally your friends, dust off your gear, and deep dive into the abyss of challenging realms where power-hungry goblins lurk in the shadows and treasure abounds.


The coming of March of the Goblins not only celebrates the Diablo Anniversary but also showcases Blizzard’s commitment to fostering deep connections within the gaming community. Events like these remind us of the collective journey we’ve shared in the rich narrative landscapes of Diablo over the years. As we anticipate this exciting event, one wonders: what other secrets does Diablo hold for us in the years to come?

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Experience the March of the Goblins for yourself and share your adventures on your favorite social media platform. Hashtag your battle-claims and heroics with #GoblinsMarchOn, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for future Diablo updates!

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