June 13, 2024

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The Folding Game: Samsung Loses Its Throne of Foldable Smartphones

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After dominating the foldable smartphone market for years, Samsung has finally been dethroned. Find out who took the crown and how the tech giant is strategizing to take back its top spot.


In the dynamic sphere of cutting-edge tech, change is the only constant. The most current and prominent illustration of this concept is the spectacular tumble of Samsung from its peak position in the global foldable-based consumer market.

Samsung, a Korean heavyweight in the electronics field, reigned supreme in the world of bendable display smartphones for years. However, the tides were quick to change, and now, according to 9to5Google, Samsung no longer tops the foldables race.

For years, Samsung represented the vanguard of foldable tech innovation, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z Flip models establishing benchmarks in the market. Its revolutionary products and strategic marketing had kept Samsung on top of the leaderboard but the recent industry statistics tell a different story.

The decline in Samsung’s market share is primarily attributed to high-profile exits, stiff competition, and the rapid proliferation of budget-friendly devices from rival brands. Despite these challenges, Samsung continues to invest in refining its foldable technology, hoping to regain its crown in a fiercely competitive market.


While Samsung’s position in the foldable market has certainly taken a hit, it is essential to remember that the tech industry is cyclical and mild setbacks are a part and parcel of the bigger picture. Samsung seems to be in high spirits and continues to display unwavering commitment to innovation. The big question now is – will they be able to outpace competitors and reclaim their throne in the future foldable market?

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