June 22, 2024

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The Multi-Hour Pinnacle: Grind or Bust in Multiversus Fighter Characters

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Each new Multiversus fighter now comes behind a whooping 38-hour Player vs Player grind, while popular characters like The Joker cost double. This spotlight on the current state of play sets the floor for a discussion on whether this grind is an enjoyable challenge or an overvalued hurdle.


Playing as your favorite character in a gaming universe can be thrilling. Imagine stepping into the shoes of your beloved icons; it’s certainly a gamer’s dream come true. However, with the recent Multiversus game conditions, this dream comes with a time tag. Every new Multiversus fighter is caged behind a hefty 38-hour Player vs Player (PvP) grind. But wait, there’s a twist! Characters like the charismatic Joker cost double the grind – an eyebrow-raising situation for many devoted gamers.

The primary thrill in character-based games is adopting different avatars, exploring their abilities, and mastering their moves. However, this recent Multiversus game format seems to be dampening the player spirit significantly. The 38-hour grind, while seemingly an attempt to offer a sense of achievement, appears to be impacting player motivation adversely.


A disheartening trend has been set by such practices in the gaming world, putting the thrill of character gaming at stake. This necessitates an evaluation of its effects on the gaming community. While challenging game mechanics are a welcome change, a question arises – is this grind worth the reward?

The cost of playtime for popular characters like the Joker can potentially alienate casual players, tilting the balance towards those willing to spend more time grinding it out. The Joker’s double cost thus introduces an element of elitism which might ultimately affect the game’s popularity.

Perhaps, it’s time to examine whether the cost of these iconic characters is indeed justified by the payoff in gameplay and the satisfaction of playing as beloved characters, or if the current system is an overvalued challenge.

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