June 22, 2024

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PS Plus June 2024 Essential Games – Your Verdict?

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In the PS Plus Essential Games for June 2024, some fan favorites came along, but did they impress? Dive into the pulse of the PlayStation community with our Push Square poll - we dissect both the praise and the criticism.


Another month, another set of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers! June 2024 has rolled around, bringing with it a fresh batch of PS Plus essential games. We, at Push Square, wanted to gauge your reaction, decipher your satisfaction, and gather your opinions with a comprehensive poll: ‘Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Essential Games for June 2024?’

The games for the month were a delightful mix spanning different genres designed to cater to diverse gaming palates. Action-adventure enthusiasts were treated with “Stealth-Based Vengeance,” while fantasy fans found solace in the mystical world of “Realm of Enchanted.” The racing genre wasn’t left out either, as “Rush Tycoon” sped its way into the mix. The contentious and lightning-fast paced battle royale game “Frenzy Burst” caused a fair share of cheers and jeers.


While it’s only been a few weeks since the PS Plus essential games for June 2024 were released, the reactions have been mixed. Enthusiasts were over the moon with offerings like “Stealth-Based Vengeance” and “Realm of Enchanted”. However, there were several who were left wanting more, especially from “Rush Tycoon” and “Frenzy Burst”. Still, the sheer variety of chosen games caters to a wide array of preferences, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of PS Plus.

The introduction of a new set of games every month continues to make PS Plus an attractive proposition for players, contributing to the PlayStation ecosystem’s overall health and growth. More importantly, it brings deeper conversations on the company’s game selections and how they align with users’ preferences. What does this mean for you as a gamer? Or even for the future of PS Plus?

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Your opinion matters, and it’s your gaming experience on the line. If you haven’t yet, share your verdict on this month’s PS Plus lineup. Did it hit the high notes, or are you still awaiting the elusive ‘perfect’ group of games? Share your thoughts below in the comment section and join the discussion with other gaming aficionados!

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